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Frequently Asked Questions


Will you tattoo [INSERT IDEA HERE]?

Each artist who works at Black Cat has their own distinct style. Before you book an appointment, do your research—check out your prospective artist’s Instagram. If the idea you have for a tattoo doesn’t seem like it would “fit” the other work that artist has done, you may want to look for a different artist.

Do you do colour tattoos?

Neither Cate nor Brianna work with colour ink. And most of our guest artists exclusively use black ink, too.

Will you tattoo this picture I found on Google Image search?

Reference photos are great—they can help your artist design a unique tattoo that suits what you’re looking for. But no-one at Black Cat is interested in tattooing a precise copy of an image you bring them. Sorry, it’s just boring.

I’ve approved the sketch my artist sent me, but now I want to make changes. What should I do?

Contact your artist ASAP. The day of your tattoo is not the the time to change your design. The artist you’re seeing has already put aside a certain amount of time for you. Last minute changes to design throw that off, and can end up cutting into other clients’ appointment times.

Will you tattoo my belly/neck/chest/butt/boob/ scalp/etc.?

Generally, artists at Black Cat stick to tattooing legs and arms. Torsos, butts, etc. can be discussed with artists on an individual basis.

Can I get a handpoked tattoo?

Both Cate and Brianna have done handpoked tattoos in the past. And both of them now tattoo 100% with machine. Some of our guest artists may specialize in handpoke, but that’s on a case by case basis.

How do I book an appointment with Cate or Brianna?

For appointments with Cate or Brianna, please use our online booking form. We don’t book appointments in person or over the phone.

How do I book an appointment with one of your guest artists?

Please contact the artist directly. You can usually find their contact info in their Instagram profile. Neither Cate nor Brianna will book an appointment with the artist for you.

Do you do walk-ins?

We only accept walk-ins on Flash Day.

When should I show up on Flash Day?

Flash Day starts at 10:30am on Saturday. Arrive later than that, and you probably won’t be getting a tattoo.

How old do I need to be?

You need to be at least 18 to get a tattoo at Black Cat. Zero exceptions. Make sure to bring two pieces of ID.

Do I need to make a deposit?

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit before we can confirm your appointment. That deposit applies to a specific piece of art—a custom design, or flash. It can’t be swapped to a different piece. Deposits should be made electronically with etransfer or Paypal.

Visiting guest artists may have different policies when it come to deposits. Contact them directly to find out.

How to I change my appointment?

If for whatever reason you need to change your appointment, please contact your artist ASAP. If you ask to change it any sooner than five days before your appointment, we will keep your deposit. You’ll have to pay another deposit to book a new appointment.

Will you do flash pieces more than once?

Once you’ve claimed a piece of flash, we reserve the right to reuse the flash on another client—with or without modifications. If you’d like a tattoo that’s 100% unique to you, we recommend requesting a custom design.

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

Black Cat Tattoo is a small shop. There isn’t a lot of extra room in our work space. If you’re friend is joining you, they may or may not be able to stick around for your tattoo—it depends how busy the day is. You’re welcome to bring someone with you, but they may end up having to hang out at the coffee shop across the street while you get tattooed.

Does it hurt?

Hell yeah. You bet it does.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, etransfer, or Paypal. If you’d like to use debit, you can withdraw cash from the ATM across the street (there’s a small withdrawal fee).

Guest artists typically accept cash only. Contact them to be sure.

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

Have a shower. Wear comfortable clothes. Eat a square meal. Hydrate. Go to the bathroom. Think happy thoughts.

I’m drunk and/or stoned. Can I get my tattoo?

Sorry, bud. We only tattoo people while they’re sober. Wait til your tattoo is done before you celebrate.

I have a chronic ailment/severe allergies/bad cold/weird rash. Can I still get tattooed?

Please be sure to disclose all medical conditions on your booking form. If you come in for your appointment and you’re uncontrollably coughing/sneezing/puking, we may ask you to reschedule.

What does it cost?

Each piece of flash is priced individually. For custom work, Cate and Brianna charge $180 per hour.

What else do you sell in the shop, besides tattoos?

We keep a stock of Black Cat merchandise, as well as a rotating selection of products created by local artisans. Check out our Instagram to see what’s in.


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